Money Transfer Tips

Money Transfer & Currency Tips
If you’re sending an international money transfer, exchanging currency, or just want to learn more about foreign exchange, check out the articles below. Learn the basics of currency exchange, why currencies fluctuate, and get tips for your next foreign exchange transaction.

Currency Exchange 101

Before you send a money transfer or exchange your foreign currency, read this basic introduction to currency exchange.

This easy-to-read infographic includes information on the foreign exchange market, currency pairs, buy and sell rates, as well as foreign exchange costs.


5 Tips for Currency Exchange

Avoid the pitfalls of exchanging foreign currency. These five easy tips can help save you money and time on money transfers and currency transactions.



Need to Send Money?

With countless services to choose from, picking an online foreign exchange provider can be difficult. Read about what factors you should consider before choosing a provider.



Why Do Currencies Fluctuate?

Find out what factors cause currency rates to fluctuate. This article covers monetary policies, inflation rates, and political and economic conditions.