Spanish politicians react to Trump’s victory in USA elections

trumpLEFT-WING politicians in Spain say president Mariano Rajoy’s comments about Donald Trump’s winning the USA elections are ‘regrettable’, whilst European Parliamentary president Martin Schulz says future talks between Europe and the United States are likely to be ‘very difficult’.
Rajoy, on Twitter, congratulated the billionaire tycoon this morning on winning the elections and expressed his interest in continuing to work with the world’s most powerful country, which he called ‘an indispensable partner’.

The PP leader then sent Trump a telegram to that effect, highlighting the ‘vitality’ of north American democracy and expressing his ‘greatest consideration and esteem’.

“The people have made their voice heard, revealing, once again, the vitality of north American democracy,” said Rajoy in his message.

“Together we will continue to face up to the challenges and threats on the international scene.”
He mentioned that the TTIP, the controversial transatlantic trade agreement between the USA and Europe, was ‘key’ for Spain.

Rajoy added that he planned to work with the new US government to ‘enrich relations with the EU’.

The telegram was the first major job of Rajoy’s new foreign affairs minister, Alfonso Dastis.
Socialist president in Andalucía, Susana Díaz, says Trump’s victory ‘represents a threat to harmonious coexistence’.

“This challenge will require an ever stronger Europe with even greater social values,” Díaz said on Twitter.

Secretary-general of the PSOE for Castilla y León, Luis Tudanca, said the US election results were ‘sad and dangerous’, and that it was regrettable how ‘a populist discourse’ had won over the people.

“A rhetoric against women, against minorities, has won,” Tudanca wrote.

Catalunya socialist leader Miquel Iceta says Trump’s win will ‘only serve to make France react in time’ and rethink their own stance when it came to the country’s general elections, where the far-right Front National, led by Marine Le Pen, is becoming more and more likely to seize control of the nation.

Left-wing Podemos’ leader Pablo Iglesias said: “Today, everyone is thinking of Bernie Sanders,” the rival candidate to Hillary Clinton for the Democrats, and who endorsed her as potential president.

“We all recognise that the candidate whom they call ‘radical’ would have been able to beat Trump,” said Iglesias.

“The vaccination against Trump’s fascism is social justice and human rights, not more of the establishment.”

Podemos’ coalition partners, United Left, also lamented the news.

“Trump, a xenophobic multi-millionaire, is not just president of the United States; he’s also a symptom of neoliberal globalisation,” said the party’s leader Alberto Garzón.

Most controversial of all was the reaction of centre-right Ciudadanos’ leader Albert Rivera, who compared Trump with Podemos, claiming that whether it was the far-right or the far-left, they were both ‘radical populists’.

He included Greek anti-austerity party Syriza, also left-wing, and Le Pen’s Front National, in his description.

Pablo Iglesias reacted swiftly to Rivera’s comments, calling him the ‘brother-in-law’ of the ‘extreme centre’, and ‘Rajoy’s puppet’, saying Ciudadanos’ leader was ‘halfway between ignorance and having no shame’.

Published Think Spain8 November 2016

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