Spain’s foreign minister demands UK pays health bill for British expats and tourists post Brexit

Boris and Margallo

Boris and Margallo

Spain’s Foreign Secretary Jose Garcia-Margallo is demanding Britain foots the health bill for expats and tourists.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is to meet his Spanish counterpart to thrash out a post-Brexit deal between the two countries.

Top of Boris’ list of priorities is reaching an agreement on healthcare for expats living in Spain.

Margallo – never one to shy away from controversy – is demanding that the UK government foots the bill for expats using public hospitals.

However Johnson is hopeful of reaching a ‘Canadian-style’ agreement where 99% of healthcare expenses are waived.

Margallo has not confirmed whether his plan includes or excludes expat residents who pay into the country’s social security.

Published theolivepress 06 October 2016

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