Shocking video shows torture of young calf during fiesta

Cruelty in the name of fun?

Cruelty in the name of fun?

Animal rights activists have released a disturbing video of a young calf being stabbed to death in the ring during a fiesta in Spain.

Described as one of the “cruellest” of all Spain’s many bullfighting fiestas the traditional becerradas took place in Valmojado, a town in Castilla-La Mancha.

The video shows a young animal, aged between one and two years old, and apparently not yet weened from its mother, mooing in pain as it repeatedly stabbed with darts by participants.

It is finally killed in the ring in front of spectators as part of the town’s annual summer celebrations.

Unlike fully grown fighting bulls, the young calves can inflict little harm on the ‘bullfighters’.

The video was released on Tuesday as part of the latest campaign by Pacma, the animal welfare party, which calls for Spain to put an end to bullfighting.

“I’ve never seen such cruelty inflicted on an animal in the name of fun,” said Silvia Barquero, the president of Pacma.

“Thousands of popular taurine festivals, such as that of Valmojado, are tainting the image of Spain, converting it into a symbol of animal cruelty across Europe,” Pacma said in its petition. “It’s time to end this anachronism.”

A demonstration has been called for September 10th which is expected to draw tens of thousands of particpants in what is set to be “the largest anti-bullfighting march ever held in Spain”.

Spain is increasingly torn between animal rights activists who support abolition, and others who want to keep an age-old tradition going.

The movement against bullfighting has been growing more powerful with several regions or cities banning corridas or annual festivals with bull running, including Catalonia which closed its last bullring in 2011.

The video is to distressing to feature here

Published The Local 25 August 2016

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