Almeria Province

Costa Almeria

costadealmeriaSituated 50 miles north of Almeria airport, on the Mediterranean coast. Unknown to most people, the ancient Andalucian province of Almeria, with its 200 miles of virtually undeveloped coastline, lies in the south-east corner of Spain, less than 100 miles from the coast of North Africa.

Enjoying the warmest and sunniest climate in the whole of Europe, with mid-day temperatures in January averaging 18 degrees celsius and with the sun shining for more than 320 days of the year. This historic “forgotten” province is slowly awakening to the possibilities of tourism, having no high rise developments or frantic nightlife, whilst still remaining one of the most charming and unspoilt regions of Southern Spain.

The Costa de Almeria is a land of stunning contrasts, breathtaking beauty and it boasts some of the most spectacular (and longest) beaches on the whole of the western side of the Mediterranean Sea.

Almeria holds the title of being the city with the most hours of sun in a year, a total of 3,000 hours. And the temperature of its waters in the winter is warmer than that of the air, which invites you to swim at that time of year.

Almeria’s climate is subtropical, mediterranean, warm and dry. Its most outstanding feature being its cloudless, bright sky.

The mild climate which Almeria enjoys makes it an ideal tourist base camp from which holidays can be planned all year round.

Inland – Almeria has an almost lunar landscape of desert, sandstone and dried up river beds and has long been a popular choice for filming American style spaghetti westerns including Fistful of Dollars.

Getting There. This stunningly beautiful area is easily accessable to three international airports. Almeria, Alicante and Murcia (San Javier), all reached via an excellent road system which remains uncrowded all year round.