PP regional vice-president resigns after being caught driving three times over the alcohol limit

valdeonDeputy president of Castilla y León, Rosa Valdeón has resigned after being caught drink-driving.

When breathalysed, the PP regional second-in-command was found to be three times over the legal limit.

And ironically, 56-year-old Valdeón (pictured) is a qualified doctor, surgeon and ex-director of the regional health authority.

She became involved in a non-fatal crash on Friday with a lorry – knocking its wheel whilst overtaking it on the A-6 motorway through the province of Ávila – and the driver called the police suspecting she may be under the influence, but not realising who she was at the time.

Police pulled her over on the N-122 through the province of Zamora, where Valdeón is originally from and which borders onto north-eastern Portugal.

Her first breathalyser reading came out at 0.76 milligrams of alcohol per litre of breath exhaled, and the second at 0.72.

The lower reading is always the one taken officially, but this did not help Valdeón since the maximum permitted by law is 0.25 – for an average-sized healthy adult who has eaten previously, roughly one small glass of white wine or bottle of beer.

Valdéon says the high reading would have been because she had taken a tranquilliser along with ‘two small beers’, or the equivalent of a pint.

She did not say what type of tranquilliser she had taken, but some strong ones such as Lorazepam, also known as Orfidal, show up as alcohol in a blood test, meaning there is room for this to have been the case in a breathalyser test in Valdeón’s case.

Either way, she resigned from her post on Saturday to save the PP’s reputation in the region, and has apologised for her ‘error’ which she admitted was ‘irresponsible’.

Published Think Spain 12 September 2016

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