‘Mud Day’ Madrid: Spain’s filthiest and toughest obstacle race

mud-raceOver 4,000 contestants got down and dirty on Saturday for Madrid’s ‘Mud Day’, an unusual triathlon held at the El Goloso Army base.

Starting at 09.00hrs, competitors ran 13 kilometres and dealt with 22 obstacles, some through water or involving ice and even electric fences to climb through.

Some of the toughest obstacles seen in an extreme race in the country, they include the weight-lifting challenge ‘Got Biceps’ and the ‘Underworld’ – and are close to those found in military training.

The obstacles, according to the organisers, are prepared ‘with a really evil idea’ and ‘to make competitors suffer and not speak very well of us afterwards’.

This is apparent from the descriptions – the ‘Ice Crime’ involves being doused in freezing water; the ‘Adrenaline Shots’ sees contestants suffering small electric shocks; the ‘Horror Tunnel’ is only two feet (60 centimetres) high, completely dark and 15 metres long; the Crawling Time is 20 metres of wet mud the competitors have to scramble through on their stomachs under 20 metres of barbed wire; Touch the Sky is a four-metre (13-foot) pair of wooden trellises a metre apart to climb up and over; and the Tarzan Style is an eight-metre swing on a rope.

The ‘Over My Shoulder’ trial requires contestants to run carrying 12-kilo sacks; the ‘Wall’ to climb over is 2.5 metres high; the Mud Me I’m Famous is an obstacle course of mud ‘swimming pools’ and mud mounds of up to six metres in height, and the ‘Sweet Shocks’ sees electric shocks fired through the ground in the run-up to the finishing line.

An idea imported from France – in 2014, a total of 60,000 people took part including 22,000 in Paris alone – the Mud Day’s ‘mission statement’ is ‘running is not enough’, and its website adds, “because paintballing and mud-wrestling have already been done.”

The fastest time recorded at the Madrid race yesterday was an hour and 10 minutes.

Valencia will host another ‘Mud Day’ on October 1, and a third will be held in Sevilla on November 26.

The Madrid event was organised after the success of two identical events last year in Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha and Alcalá de Guadaíra in the province of Sevilla, in Andalucía.

Published Think Spain 12 June 2016

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