More charges for those looking for cheap flights

ryanair2RYANAIR has introduced another charge for passengers. Those wanting to check in to their flight more than four days before departure will be charged £6 (€6.70) per person.

Previously passengers who had not reserved specific seats, could check in for free a week before flights. The change means that holiday makers going away for more than a few days will have little choice but to pay the fee to check in for their return flight, or risk having to find internet connections to do it whilst away via Ryanair’s website or the mobile phone app. Those who do not check in prior to the flight will be charged £45 (€50) per boarding pass.

Ryanair said the move will ‘increase the choice available to customers who wish to reserve their seat on board’ adding it was a decision made in response to ‘extensive customer feedback.’

The announcement of the charge comes as the low-cost carrier warned that its profits for this year will take a hit, blaming the impact of the plunging pound as many bookings are made in pounds with the Irish company then converting it back into euros. They blamed an 18 per cent fall in the value of sterling since Brexit as it cut its annual earnings forecast. The airline now anticipates full-year earnings of between €1.30billion (£1.17billion) and €1.35billion, down from the previous range of €1.38billion to €1.43billion.

Published euroweeklynews 20 October 2016

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