Mallorca campaigners slam Constitutional Court verdict overturning Catalunya’s bullfight ban

mallorca-banNews that the Constitutional Court may overturn Catalunya’s bullfight ban has been condemned by animal protection campaigners in the Balearic Islands, another region planning on scrapping all bull-related spectacles.

Spokesman for Mallorca Sense Sang (‘Mallorca without blood’) Guillermo Amengual, calls the PP party’s appeal against the ruling to the Constitutional Court ‘an attack on democracy’.
He calls for the public to ‘rise up against’ a decision ‘closer to a dictatorship than to a democratic State’, and branded the Constitutional Court ‘a corrupt organism’ closely linked to the right-wing PP.

The Balearic Islands should ‘remain firm’ in the face of a decision which has ‘purely political ends’ and ‘goes against the will of the people’, who have ‘actively shown their rejection of bullfighting’.

“The People’s Legislative Initiative presented to Catalunya regional Parliament was backed by over 180,000 signatures and voted on democratically within Parliament itself,” Amengual recalls.
“For this reason, the decision should be considered more valid than the Constitutional Court verdict, which only responds to an appeal presented by the PP to protect its own personal financial interests.”

Mallorca Sense Sang has urged the Balearic government to ‘keep its promises’ and to mirror Catalunya’s reaction to the verdict – which has been to ignore it and retain the ban.

In Mallorca alone, without counting the other Balearic islands of Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera, a total of 34 towns and villages have declared themselves anti-cruelty and over 360,000 residents have called for the regional Parliament to scrap bullfighting and the bull-runs in Fornalutx.

Published Think Spain 8 October 2016

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