Mallorca and Ibiza clampdown on rowdy tourist ‘party boats’

A raid on a 'Party Boat' off Ibiza

A raid on a ‘Party Boat’ off Ibiza

No visit to Ibiza would be complete without taking to the high seas for a trip round the White Isle soaking up the sun and enjoying a drink or two, while a DJ spins the hits of the summer.

But this year the thrills of a sunset cruise might also include a raid by Spain police who are clamping down on raucous behaviour and unlicensed operators in the latest bid by island authorities to clean up the tourism industry.

Officers from Spain’s Civil Guard have been swooping in on “party boats” operating around Mallorca and Ibiza to search for drugs, check safety equipment and breathalyze captain and crew.

They are also testing noise levels on boats which pump out music like a seaborne disco.

Operators now face heavy fines, and even losing their licence completely if found in breach of regulations.

“We are checking that proper measures are being taken to ensure the safety of passengers such as disembarking from the boat while drunk, as well as carrying out searches for illegal drugs in a clampdown on their consumption at these kind of parties,” ,” confirmed the Guardia Civil in a statement.

“So far around twenty party boats have been inspected.”

The crackdown against party boats is the latest measure taken by island authorities to curb a culture of excessive drinking and drugs that the islands have become notorious for.

New bylaws introduced last year in Magaluf saw the introduction of tough penalties on those caught behaving badly in the streets and saw a curb in licencing hours and a ban on street drinking.

Last summer saw British police sending officers to patrol the streets in notorious resorts of Magaluf in Mallorca and San Antonio in Ibiza.

Some resorts across Spain have now introduced measures to discourage rowdy stag and hen `parties in the hope of attracting a more family friendly crowd.

Published The Local 8 August 2016

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