Life sentence without parole demanded for Moraña filicide

oubelThe first ever demand for life imprisonment without parole in Spain has been lodged by the prosecutor handling the case of David Oubel, suspected of murdering his own two daughters in Moraña (Pontevedra) last summer.

The suspect has been charged with murdering his daughters aged nine and four with a circular saw in their own home on July 30th 2015, when the newly reformed Penal Code had already come into operation allowing life to mean life.

The court must now decide whether or not to accept the Prosecutor’s request.

A paedophile from Ciudad Lineal who has been in court this week, and was arrested before the Penal Code was amended, faces a maximum of 77 years in jail. Legal sources suggest that if the court rejects the prosecutor’s request in this case, an alternative sentence of 30 years’ imprisonment for each murder will be requested.

David Oubel, who has been in custody since his arrest, is the only suspect in this filicide case which occurred in O Casal (Moraña). Investigators have revealed that the girls’ father used a circular saw, which he had bought in a local hardware store just a few days earlier, to cut his daughters’ throats, after which he locked himself in a bathroom in the house and tried to take his own life by slashing his wrists.

The two sisters were at their father’s house as part of the custody agreement set up after their parents separated. It is alleged that Oubel even called his ex-wife to tell her he was going to kill their daughters.

There had been no previous incidents of domestic violence in the household, nor any previous complaints about the father’s behaviour that might have suggested the possibility of such a tragic end to the little girls’ lives. By all accounts the couple were on reasonably good terms since their separation.

The prosecution has as yet been unable to establish any motive for the crime or for the macabre manner in which it was carried out. The initial forensic report, however, described the suspect as having a “pyschopathic, sadist and egocentric personality”.

No date has yet been set for the tria, but it is most likely to take place during the first quarter of 2017.

Published Think Spain11 November 2016

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