Gas bottle prices drop again: cheapest since 2010

bottled-gasBottled butane gas has gone down to its lowest price since 2010, sitting at just €11.85.

Householders with a delivery contract from their supplier may have to pay slightly more, but generally this is very little and they, too, will make huge savings.

The price has gone down by 4.9%, and will be maintained until at least July 19.

Just 14 months ago, the same gas bottle – still used by around eight million households in Spain – cost €17.50, or 32% more.

And until this month, it was €12.46, which was still lower than the 2012 figure of €15.06 – a price that steadily rose until a year ago.

Prices are based upon the cost of the raw material, transport, exchange rates and trading fees, and governments are then able to adjust the cost by a maximum of 5% above or below.

Consumers’ union OCU says the price fall is ‘excellent’ news’, since many householders have to use bottled butane gas as they have ‘no other alternative’ for domestic fuel.

Mains gas is still very much in its infancy in Spain, only available in built-up areas, mostly major cities, meaning millions of homes use gas bottles for heating and cooking.

According to ministry of industry sources, Spain’s ‘gas account’ still has a surplus even with the price fall, meaning butane bottles may even become cheaper still over the next few months.

These prices only affect the orange 12.5-kilo bottles – the lighter-weight, blue or silver nine-kilo bottles do not depend upon State fluctuations and distributors are allowed to set whatever price they wish.

Published Think Spain 18 May 2016

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