Fined for Reserving a Spot on the Beach with His Parasol

beachReserving a spot on the beach when you know it’s going to be crowded later on is not a crime. Or is it?

Those that have the tendency to get out there early and bag their place on the golden sand for later on in the morning are often the topic of conversation amongst other bathers.

Sometimes it can even be such a sore subject that the situation has caused arguments and even long-running feuds. And for those that find this type of an occurrence comical, there are plenty of scenes in numerous television series and films that portray similar incidents.

However, be warned as one bather has been fined for doing exactly that, and despite appealing the sanction, his plea was overruled.

The incident took place last September on one of the beaches of Torrevieja, a popular tourist destination in the south of the Alicante province.

A bather from Madrid ended up with a fine of 150 euro, which was issued by the local police, after positioning his parasol in one of the ‘best’ spots by the edge of the sea of Playa del Cura very early in the morning, and then disappearing.

The councillor for Beaches, Javier Manzanares, explained to the press that the two local police officers acted correctly in enforcing the municipal law of the public use of beaches (article 61 option h), which penalizes “the installation of parasols, chairs, tables or any other beach item on the sand for the sole purpose of reserving a spot in the sand unless the owners are present.”

Apparently, the bather appealed the sanction, with the argument that he’d just gone for a swim, but this claim was rejected and the judge awarded the case in favour of the local police officers.

Manzanares also added that it is common knowledge that there are many people in the city who head down to the beach at 5.30 a.m. purely to bag their place by the water’s edge for later on in the day and that it’s a practice carried out habitually during the summer.

Published theolivepress 31 May 2016

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