Facebook ‘insult’ of Guardia Civil costs user nearly €1,000

guardiaA Facebook user has been fined nearly €1,000 for writing in his status that he wanted to blow up the Guardia Civil.

The unnamed individual, from the northern region of Cantabria, was referring to traffic police on duty in the town of Reinosa during the Spain Cycling Master’s Championship race which was taking place there.

“Such a shame someone doesn’t let off a bomb and blow them all through the air,” the comment said.
It was written on a profile which was accessible by thousands of locals from Reinosa and followers from further afield, rather than on the offender’s own page.

The Guardia Civil Union (UGC) brought a private prosecution in addition to the criminal trial against the author.

Police said they ‘will not permit any gratuitous humiliation, libel or defamation’ of the forces and were prepared to ‘use all means within their reach’ to eradicate the ‘sense of immunity’ which they believe ‘the trend for using social networks to stigmatise security forces’ has led to.

“The Guardia Civil is the worst-paid of all security forces in Spain, and suffers from multiple deficits in employment rights, resources to do the job, and work-life balance,” the UGC declares.

In the end, the judge imposed a €960 fine on the accused in a sentence which is not open to appeal.

Published Think Spain 22 September 2016

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