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Travel Insurance

Buying travel insurance might seem to some as an unnecessary additional expense on the cost of a trip but if you stop for a moment to consider the very real financial risks of travelling without cover in place you will know that it is extremely important to invest in good quality travel insurance.

What’s the worst that could happen?

Well, you may need to cancel or curtail your trip due to illness or injury of you or a loved one.

You may need emergency medical treatment whilst overseas and that may result in the need for medical repatriation.

If you were injured or worse still were to die as a result of an accident there would significant legal costs and expenses.

Your outward or return journey could be seriously delayed.

You may need to abandon your trip if you were involved in an accident en route to your departure point.

You may have an accident during your trip.

Your baggage could be lost or delayed.

Cash or important documents, including your passport, could be lost or stolen.

You may cause an accident or an injury to someone and be faced with heavy legal expenses and legal liability.

What are the key points to consider?

That you are covered for the entire duration of your trip.

You have the correct cover for the country you are visiting.

That every member of your party is covered.

That your policy covers any activities and sports you intend to participate in.

That you declare any existing medical conditions and find out if these can be covered, maybe with an addition to the premium.

How often do you travel? If you are a regular traveller an annual multi policy trip is much more cost effective.

Remember that all the potential risks we refer to above are just as likely to happen during a weekend away as they are on a longer trip, further afield.

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