Drunk drives into oncoming traffic with car wheel missing

Sparks were flying

Sparks were flying

Police in Catalonia detained a woman after she was caught driving drunk along the wrong side of a motorway in a car missing one of its front wheels.

The 26-year-old woman who later tested positive to driving over the alcohol limit travelled nearly 25 km against oncoming traffic on the AP-7 in Catalonia towards the border with France at around 7am on Sunday morning.

She was spotted by traffic police who tried to flag her down as she sped along the wrong side of the carriageway sending lorries swerving to avoid her.

“The right front wheel of the car was missing meaning the brake discs were touching the road surface, sending sparks flying with the friction,” the Catalan regional Mossos d’Esquadra police force said in a statement.

Published The Local 23 Novernber 2016

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