Driver caught over the alcohol limit twice on the same night

A 25-YEAR-OLD man has been caught drink-driving twice on the same night, reveal traffic police in Pamplona (Navarra).

He was caught the first time at 01.30 on Tuesday this week during a routine checkpoint, breathalysed, and fined €500 as well as losing four points from his licence.

In Spain, licences start off with 12 points, rising to 15 after three years with a clean record, and points are deducted for offences – the opposite system from the UK where licences are points-free but these are added for breaking the law.

When drivers are caught over the alcohol limit, they are not allowed to continue and their cars are usually impounded, but it has not been revealed whether the offender in Pamplona used another car or if, after the first offence, he somehow managed to retain the keys to the first vehicle.

Either way, four hours later, at 05.30, he was caught in another part of the city by a different team of traffic police – still drunk – and was hit with another four-point loss and €500 fine.

He is not thought to have been arrested, but if he does it again, he will no longer have any licence points left, meaning effectively, a driving ban.

Police are currently patrolling the streets and highways throughout Spain – even back roads and ‘crafty shortcuts’ – stopping and breathalysing every driver.

This latest crackdown stops after Sunday, December 18, but it is likely most areas of the country will have random checkpoints set up until at least Christmas Eve.

Published Think Spain14 December 2016

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