Disaster prone one-eyed matador Juan Jose Padilla is gored again

Padilla’s scarred eye socket was revealed.

Juan Jose Padilla knows what it is like to be gored by a bull.

In 2001 he almost died when he suffered a terrible goring to his throat by one of the legendary Miura bulls during a bullfight for San Fermin in Pamplona.

In May 2011 during a bullfight in Zaragoza he was tossed into the air by a bull which then thrust one of its horns into his head, piercing his skull and smashing up his face.

The incident shattered his jaw, left him deaf in one ear and forced the removal of his left eye. It also earned him the sobriquet El Pirata – The Pirate – because of the eye-patch he donned when he returned to the bullfighting circuit five months later.

But more injuries followed.

A year later, he escaped serious injury when during the San Isidro festival in Madrid he was thrown into the air by a bull.

Then last October, revisiting the same bullring where he lost his eye, he was again gored in the same eye-socket after kneeling in front of a charging bull but amazingly escaped with little more than a concussion.

Watch video of the latest goring of Juan Jose Padilla on Sunday March 13th. Warning: graphic footage:

Published The Local23 March 2017

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