DAESH bans Barça and Real Madrid football shirts on pain of 80 lashes

daeshThe self-titled Islamic State has announced anyone caught wearing Barça FC or Real Madrid shirts will be punished with 80 lashes.

ISIS, or DAESH, has publicly stated that sports team wear by the brands Nike and Adidas are banned in its caliphates in Syria and Iraq.

These include Manchester United, Manchester City and Milane, but the main football club strips designed by the two brands are Spanish, including the national team La Roja (‘The Reds’), Barça, Real Madrid, Oviedo and Zaragoza.

It also covers shirts worn by Spanish basketball, handball and tennis players, according to an article in the left-wing British tabloid, The Mirror.

The warning has been issued by the DAESH police, Al-Furat.

Spain has been named in the past by DAESH as a Muslim territory it intends to reconquer, referring to it by its Mediaeval Islamic name of Al-Andalus.

As yet, the ISIS militants caught in Spain have mostly been involved in online indoctrination and recruiting and arrested before they went any further.

Although the west as a whole is considered to be at risk from ISIS, Spain’s threat is lower than in other parts of Europe, a factor which prosecutors specialising in Jihad attribute to the country’s sophisticated Intelligence and policing services, and that it has never had any real problem with integration of other nationalities, cultures and religions.

Moroccans make up the largest national group among the foreign population, although the number is diminishing on paper because many are second- or third-generation Moroccans who have had Spanish nationality since birth.

And Spain, in general, is one of the most accepting countries in Europe of foreign nationals, treating them as part of the furniture.

Published Think Spain 27 September 2016

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