Chaos predicted on Barcelona metro due to four-day strike this week

train-strikeA strike on Barcelona’s underground rail system means only 20% of trains will be running this week off-peak.

During rush hour, four in 10 trains will operate as usual.

Rush-hour strikes will affect the entire metro network from Monday to Wednesday inclusive, between 07.00hrs and 09.00hrs, and from 16.00hrs to 18.00hrs, with 60% of trains grounded.

The later rush hour, from 20.30hrs to 22.00hrs, will see just two in 10 trains running.

A further strike on Thursday between 09.20hrs and 12.20hrs will bring 80% of trains to a halt, and services will be at just 40% between 17.00hrs and 20.00hrs that day.

The metropolitan transport board has strongly recommended commuters find alternative forms of travel until Friday, particularly during the 07.00hrs to 09.00hrs slot when as many as 190,000 people use the metro.

Underground rail services will be ‘considerably affected’, the transport board warns.

Even the Montjuïc cable car could see long delays, given that it is operated by Barcelona metro workers, so tourists who are unable to postpone their visit to the Olympic stadium until Friday should be prepared for long waits just in case.

Travellers needing to get to Barcelona airport this week should leave a considerable amount of extra time to reach the terminal, or consider paying extra to take a taxi.

Published Think Spain 30 May 2016

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