Bogus Police Officers Who Robbed Tourists Driving on the AP-7 Motorway Have Been Arrested

robo_policiasGuardia Civil offers from the region of Cataluña have arrested two men accused of imitating police officers and carrying out a robbery on the AP-7 motorway.

The two criminals are both of Iranian origin, aged 28 and 30, and resident in Madrid and Alicante.

While these two men have only been accused of a single act of robbery and impersonating a public function employee, this type of crime is quite common, especially along the AP-7 motorway that runs alongside the eastern coastline close to areas popular with tourists.

This latest incident took place last Thursday at around 8.30 p.m. when the occupants of the vehicle involved were travelling along the AP-7.

Their car was stopped in the municipality of Tarragona by another, which they believed to be a police vehicle, and they were ordered to pull over onto the hard shoulder.

With the excuse of looking for drugs, the false police officers searched the car and, while the owners of the vehicle weren’t paying attention, stole 8,000 euro and 6,000 Moroccan dirhams (about 500 euro).

And if that wasn’t enough, the impersonators then snatched the others’ car keys so that they would be unable to give chase once they realised that their money was missing.

However, a Guardia Civil police control had been set up further along the motorway and the thieves’ vehicle was intercepted.

On spotting the control, the robbers threw their fake police ID out of the car window, but this was picked up.

An investigation has been opened to see whether this was the only crime committed by the Iranian duo, or whether they can be linked to any similar robberies that have taken place along this motorway.

It has been revealed that both already possess a criminal record for previous offences.

Please take great care when driving along any motorway in Spain and do not stop if any non-police vehicle tries to flag you down. If you are pulled over by an official vehicle, ensure that you keep an eye on your belongings and car keys at all times.

Published onthepulse.es30 August 2016

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