Anti-fur protesters strip naked and paint themselves red

AROUND 100 activists stripped off and smeared themselves in red paint to signify blood in a protest against the use of fur in clothing yesterday (Sunday) afternoon in Barcelona.

AnimaNaturalis’ spokeswoman Leticia Olivares, during the demonstration on the up-market Passeig de Gràcia in the city centre, said ‘millions of animals’ are ‘brutally murdered’ every year to serve the fur industry in Spain.

Animals which suffer the most in the country include foxes, otters, ferrets, chinchillas – and even cows, something people are generally not aware of, says Olivares.

“If people knew that, just for one fur coat, around 300 chinchillas needed to killed or 70 foxes or 30 rabbits, they wouldn’t buy them,” she says.

The protesters carried banners which read: “Don’t put their skin on, put yourself in their skin;” “How many lives for one coat?” “They need their fur; you don’t,” and similar messages stressing fur was ‘not necessary’ and alternatives ‘needed to be found’.

Published Think Spain11 December 2016

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