Anonymous hacks National Police site leaving personal data exposed

anonymousActivist group Anonymous has hacked into a National Police Twitter site and left the names, telephone numbers, email addresses and ID numbers of 5,400 officers in the public domain.

The incident mirrors a near-identical situation suffered by Catalunya’s military police, the Mossos d’Esquadra, just over two weeks ago, although as yet the previous case has not been solved.

This time, Anonymous owned up to the attack, which was staged on Tuesday night, saying the National Police ‘represented everything that should not exist in a free world’.

In a manifesto, Anonymous said it had compromised the officers’ personal data in protest over the Public Safety Act, known popularly as the ‘gagging law’.

The missive called for ‘an end to the oppression’ it had caused and which was ‘in breach of basic human rights’.

“Spain’s National Police force, you have tried to wound our brothers with trumped-up charges that only go to show how your institution is rotten to the core,” Anonymous’ letter reads.

“We’re not afraid of you, because you represent everything that should not exist in a free world.”

Published Think Spain 2 June 2016

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