Amazon launches new ultra-fast delivery service in Madrid

A Prime Now delivery.

A Prime Now delivery.

Prime Now initiative intensifies the ongoing battle over retail delivery in Spain, where online sales are on the rise

Amazon is launching a new ultra-fast delivery service in Madrid and 21 outlying municipalities, where it has pledged to bring customers their orders in under one hour.

The e-commerce giant, which is offering Prime Now from Wednesday, charges clients €5.90 for the one-hour-or-less service, or free delivery if customers are willing to wait two hours.

Users may also select the most convenient delivery time between 8am and midnight.

Madrid joins Milan, Berlin and Paris, which already have the express delivery system in place. Household items and essentials will be transported by a fleet of minivans and electric bicycles.

The move intensifies the ongoing battle over retail distribution in Spain, where online purchases are growing significantly.

E-commerce in Spain is still below French or British levels, but it is on the rise. In the third quarter of last year – when the latest official figures are available – there were nearly 74 million online purchases, a 27.4% rise from the same period a year earlier. Music, books, newspapers, stationery and clothing lead the sales charts.

Published ElPais 20 July 2016

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