A video game company pays $ 250 million to two young Spaniards for their startup

Andrés Bou and Horacio Martos (Social Point)

US video game maker Take Two, has acquired the developer Spanish Social game Point SL 250 million, in a transaction that will be held in cash and stock owner of the saga of “Grand Theft Auto “.

The agreement includes $ 175 million in cash and the rest in shares of Take Two . In addition, it includes a potential outlay of $ 25.9 million for the founders of Social Point that will depend on the future profitability of the company acquired, Take Two said in a statement.

Social Point, founded in 2008 and based in Barcelona, ??has more than 270 employees. Among its most successful games d staking “Dragon City” and “Monster Legends”, which have been downloaded over 180 million times on iOS and Android platforms.

The founders of Social Point, the co-CEOs Andrés Bou and Horacio Martos, remain in the company when the sale, expected in the fiscal year ending March 2018 is closed.

Published uk.yahoo. 03 February 2017

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